Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trip to the Movies: Breaking Dawn Part 1

I was a preteen when the Twilight books were published--yes, I will admit that I followed the craze just like every other little rabid fangirl. But I grew out of it. Thank God. I think I started to realize what a fool I was when I reread The Hunger Games and Graceling. Undeniably, the female protagonists Katniss and Katsa (LOL, yes eerily similar there...coincidence?) are two of the baddest badasses in literature from the last few years. Comparing them with Bella is almost like comparing the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang with napping kindergarteners. Seriously.

Anyway, I went to go see Breaking Dawn yesterday with some of my friends. We decided to go on Friday because it gave sufficient time for the Twihards to see Breaking Dawn three times and be satisfied, leaving the theater for the quieter folk.

Except, we weren't quiet. The entire movie, my friends and I had this running commentary. For example:

"Bella and Charlie could crack a smile. It's a wedding, not a death sentence."
"How does the deed? He doesn't have blood circulation"
"He twitched. Did you see that? Did you see? SEE! HAHAHAHA!"
"Jacob, I LOVE YOU!"
"Oh God, please let there be creative license! DO NOT TURN JACOB INTO A PEDODOG!"
"The wolves are all so fluffy. *makes squishy noises under breath*"
"Ew. The baby's ugly. Isn't she supposed to be the prettiest baby on the planet?"
"When you were born, you were that bloody too."

It was pretty funny, especially since we probably ruined the movie for the people sitting in front of us. Oh well. In my personal opinion, the movie was much better with our commentary. I kid you not, during the scene where the housekeepers come to the Cullen's private island to clean up and they see the trashed bedroom, all four of us burst out laughing, and the other audience members gave us death glares.

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  1. LOL, must have been funny for you, but not for the people around you! Hahahahah! New follower!