Rating Policy

All my reviews are completely and 100% my opinion. While I may read other critiques of the same book, I always give my honest opinion about a book. And as my friends can tell you, I have this tendency to be overly frank. I'm not going to lie to you if I hated the book.

I take suggestions for reading books, as long as they're fiction. I can read YA to adult fiction. Thus, please be careful when reading my blog if you are sensitive to maturer themes such as sex, violence, etc. If these are recurring aspects of a book I've read, I'll probably go over them in the review. Also, I do tend to curse. I try to keep my posts relatively clean, but I'm human so I can slip up now and again. 

Reviews will appear first on my Goodreads account. I will usually put up the same review on this site; however, for smaller reviews or book ratings with no reviews, I will not usually put up anything for it on this site. So, if you do want to see my other book ratings, please follow my Goodreads profile.  I also post an announcement for my blog posts on Twitter so please feel free to follow either or both of these sources for my reviews.

If you want to contact me, please do so at munch.tutorials@gmail.com or via my Goodreads/Twitter accounts.