Ask and Answer

Here is a little bit more about me!

For this bit, I'm going to answer as many either-or question as possible, but my answers will be whatever I want them to be. Think Facebook notes except Shelby-style.

1. Fantasy or Paranormal?

2. Hard Copy or Ebook?
Hard copy

3. Book or Movie?
Depends on the movie.

4. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

5. Chicklit or Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction

6. Brains or Brawn?
Whatever can classify a sexy geek.

7. Goodreads or Facebook

8. Happy Endings or Sad Endings?
Sad Endings if it's in the middle of the series, but Happy Endings if its the last book in the series.

9. Team Jacob or Team Edward?

10. Hot Sex or Sweet Kiss?
Who said the two are mutually exclusive?

My preferences:

Hot guy preferences:
Black hair with blue/green eyes. I think that's a perfect combination. I fell in love with Jonathan from Tamora Pierce's Tortall books because I couldn't imagine someone with that genetic appearance.

Book cover preferences:
Simple covers with something that catches my eye. I really like when book covers use shine with a matte color. I'm a very artistic person; ceramics glazing is my passion. So I like it when book cover artists mix it up a bit.

Book series preferences:
I don't like it when series run over about...4 books. There are some exceptions (e.g. Harry Potter or Soul Screamers), but for the most part, when series run too long, it feels like the author is doing some major plot stretching.