Sunday, October 16, 2011

James Dashner Book Tour and Signing

James Dashner is a cool man, I will admit. I didn't really know what to expect from the guy. Yes, I'll admit. This signing that I went to was my first ever book signing in my entire life. I'm such a literary noob, aren't I? But I didn't know what to expect.

I got to the bookstore early, so I wandered around along with two of my close friends (and Maze Runner enthusiasts) the place aimlessly looking for the YA section. When 7 p.m. rolled around, we all headed to the back of the store and took our seats around a podium. Then, BOOM! James Dashner appears and begins to present a Powerpoint filled with humor and good cheer. I was stunned. For one, Dashner is a natural speaker (or at least, he is a natural liar). He interacted with the crowd and answered our questions with a quick wit and comfortable smile. Now, as a writer myself, I was impressed by his ability to work the crowd of 30. I find writing to be a natural way to express myself, especially since my conversational skills rival a tongue-less hobo with Alzheimer's.

Anyway, Dashner answered questions and then got to signing books. Needless to say, I got several pictures with him. And of course, I made a complete fool of myself because I, for the love of God, couldn't manage a coherent sentence in front of one my favorite dystopian authors. Poor, poor, Shelby.

Oh, by the way, here is my review for the book he was promoting, The Death CureClick Me Usually, I won't reference my old reviews onto the site, but this is an exception. As a reminder, I got my copy as an ARC from Goodreads. It was a blast to get an early look into the book.

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