Monday, October 17, 2011


So, my readers (whoever you are)...what do you're bookshelves look like?

I've been browsing some forums on Goodreads, and one discussion I came across asked people how they organized their bookshelves. Emphasis on "organized." Am I the only one who really just stuffs her books into her bookshelves? Now, I don't dedicate each shelf to my books. I have two tall, wooden bookshelves from Ikea, but about 2/6 shelves are dedicated to misc. junk. So I'm kind of running out of space on them.

The most I can say is that I generally keep series of books together. However, their place on the bookshelf in general doesn't really have any special importance. Fantasy books are mixed with bibliographies and chicklit and children's books.

I wish I was a more organized person. But unfortunately, I have no aptitude or patience to go through and sort out all my books by name, author, genre, color of cover, length of book, hard/soft back, date of author's birth, etc., etc., etc. But you know, I think my shelf has character. I'm sorry about the quality of the photo. Unfortunately, I lost my digital camera on a trip to Australia last summer (and I've yet to make the trip to Best Buy to buy a replacement -- you can tell I have an incredible drive, huh?) so I had to rely on Photobooth. Anyway, as you can see, I have various books shoved into my shelves, all jumbled together. But it's an organized mess; I know where everything is. Plus, I've given a home to my little figurine animals! :D

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  1. I love looking at people's bookshelves too, I currently have 3 bookshelves and whatever won't fit are piled on the floor and on an old coffee table.
    Anyway as you say as long as you know where everything is.
    And your figurine shelf is cute.
    And I'm your follower number 2.

  2. Clocking in as follower number 4. Love the layout. :)

  3. Hi Shelby

    Love your layout as well. unfortunately I am unable to add my follow from the followers button. I will check later, I jsut wanted to comment on the book shelf topic. Mine is catastrophic! I just pile them, and by the time I find the one I haven't read, I'm sweating buckets! I need an