Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fan Trailer Tuesdays - Clockwork Angel

Love her, hate her, wish her luck, wish her death, Cassandra Clare has an immense fanbase. She is one of the most followed authors on Goodreads, and her books always top some sort of reputable book chart in terms of sheer number of buyers. It was only the next step that one person in her gaggle of worshippers was handy with iMovie.

 I really liked this trailer. I was pretty ambivalent about Clockwork Angel as a whole, but as always, these are trailers so I can't really take into account the quality of the book when I review them. 
First off, I really LOVED the use of the cut scenes with the clock gears in the background. They were a clever use of special effects that left me wondering where she got them--certainly no fanmade trailer before this has had cut scenes like them before. I also liked the voice overs (FINALLY!) because they just added that touch of realism to the trailer. You don't ever see a silent trailer with only music;  there is always some sort of voice or narration involved. 

The only thing I can really say I didn't like was the use of Ben Barnes in the role that I presume is Will Herondale. He is so overused in fan trailers, I have to keep an eye out to pick trailers that don't have his face in them. Some people find him hot...well, I think he's kind of odd looking and way too old for a love interest role in a YA book. He's 30 years old, for God's sake. Please, I don't need him filling the shoes of my teen boy candy anytime soon...not even as Dimitri from Vampire Academy.

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