Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quote Something Sunday #1

Welcome to the first Quote Something Sunday! This is a new meme that I'll be hosting for the next month or so.

To explain, Quote Something Sunday starts with me choosing a random book off my bookshelf, picking a random quote from that book, and writing it without any context to the book's title, author, or quote narrator.

If you correctly identify that quote -- including the book's title and author and the quote narrator -- WITHOUT CHEATING (please, we're going on the honor system here), I will give you a virtual cookie. Also, maybe I'll do something extra for you if I'm in the spirit. Speaking of spirit, Happy Holidays! I got two books from my mom and sister this year, and I've picked one of them to give you the quote from.

"It could be him. It could be Giles. Oh yes, he looks different. Thinner. More worn. Older. But it could easily be him. Right age, right build. Hair." She smiled. "Right eyes."

Post in the comments if you can guess the quote's ID! I'll reveal the answer next week along with a new quote from a different books.

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